Facts About Long Jack XXXL for Men: Scam or Truth? Does the Product Really Help?

Is it true that Long Jack XXXL is a scam? Long Jack XXXL is a flawless supplement for the penile elongation and powerful erection. A monthly course of pills adds centimeters in length and volume. Get an impressive phallus and prolong your lovemaking, so your lady can experience a maximum pleasure. A man becomes a tireless lover, a desirable partner and a bona fide alpha male. Sexologists say that the list of beneficial properties is much wider. And it raises vitality, promotes the harmony in relationships and makes men healthier.

Is Long Jack XXXL a Scam or a Legit Product?

The positive opinions of experts and its users on the supplement are based on test results. They were conducted on 1500 volunteers by the medical university. The participants in the experiment had various sexual disorders, which they got rid of at the end. And this allowed us to talk about the multifunctional action of the Long Jack XXXL. The drug has a mixed composition, it includes artificial compounds and plant ingredients that provide blood flow to the genitals.

  1. MACA EXTRACT — Raises testosterone, elevates your desire and performance.
  2. FENUGREEK EXTRACT — Expands your penis by boosting the volumes of blood.
  3. SIBERIAN GINSENG — Helps to deal with stress, brushes up your immune system and makes you full of vigor, helps to get control of ejaculation.
  4. TONGKAT ALI — Makes you feel more invigorated, energized and purposeful. Improves endurance.
  5. HORNY GOAT WEED — Has natural testosterone-mimicking properties, which contribute to a “full of life” feeling that lasts all day long until late into the night.

Composition of Long Jack XXXL

fenugreek extract

Fenugreek Extract

maca extract

Maca Extract

siberian ginseng

Siberian Ginseng

tongkat ali

Tongkat Ali

horny goat

Horny Goat Weed

Does Long Jack XXXL Actually Work or Is It Just a Lie?

A lot of men hope that pills will transform them into sex giants in a month. The tests showed that this remedy is not a magic elixir. Those who by nature have a weak sexual constitution and a small penis size should not expect their penis to grow by 10 cm and that their sex will last for hours.

Long Jack XXXL really works and helps everyone, but in proportion to nature. There is a limit to the expansion of the reproductive organ. With small sizes, it is limited. You can expect 2.5 – 3.5 cm, erection stability and increased endurance.

The Whole Truth About the Pills or How to Detect a Lie

There are a lot of myths and information about Long Jack XXXL. Some of this information is confirmed by sexologists and users, and some is just made up by dubious characters.

Non-natural Сomposition

In addition to plant elements, the product contains substances related to synthetic compounds.

10 cm Increase

The scammers’ advertisements convince buyers that a monthly course will increase the penis by 8-10 cm in length and 2.5 -3 cm in diameter. This is a lie, because clinical trials have shown different maximum results — 3-7 cm and 1.5 -2.5 cm respectively. Judging by the reviews from doctors and regular people, 7 cm is possible, but rarely, and never 8-10 cm.
It is a lie to claim that a one-time use before sex increases the penis. To change penile parameters, the pills must be taken during the entire course. It is necessary to take the pills daily for a month, the process of growth is gradual.

girl reaction long jack xxxl

Prolongation Effect

It’s more of a myth. If the short duration of the sexual act is associated with a weak vitality of a man, then the pills will help to prolong it. This is due to the positive effect of the components on the physical and psychological state.

Only a strong man can control ejaculation by willpower. Long Jack XXXL has no influence on this process.

How to Distinguish the Original From a Fake?

Long Jack XXXL is manufactured according to a patented formula. The company protects its product and makes sure that buyers receive only the original supplements. Canada have withdrawn permits for the sale of pills through pharmacy chains, on the basis of many fakes and consumer complaints, negatively affecting the company’s reputation.

To confirm the authenticity of the product, pay attention to:

  • The company logo on the packaging;
  • The appearance of the jar. It must be white, with a corresponding label on it;
  • The instructions for use, which should be included;
  • The lid, that is also white and tightly screwed on the jar;
  • The jar itself. There have to be 60 white capsules with active ingredients inside.
original long jack xxxl
fake long jack xxxl

Manufacturer’s Certification

Our company has certified Long Jack XXXL and it meets the quality requirements. Our the composition is patented and has no analogues in terms of efficiency, price and comfort of use. The systematic use of the supplement leads to a significant increase in the size of the penis without complex operations and exhausting devices. The effectiveness has been proven by multiple audits, studies, obtained licenses and certificates. We conduct business openly and provide documents upon request, to each customer.


Why Is There an Opinion That Long Jack XXXL Is a Scam?

We associate negative reviews of Long Jack XXXL with high expectations of men who want to quickly enlarge their penis and immediately become unsurpassed sexual partners. They dream of getting everything at once, so they do not follow the dosage and use the supplement incessantly for a long time. The result of such lack of restraint is a deterioration of health and painful erection.

The second reason is non-compliance with instructions or inability to complete the course. Sometimes men, feeling that the relationship is being restored, stop taking the supplement regularly. This causes a regression to a previous state of weak erection. Stretched cavernous bodies contract again and they have to forget about bigger penis.

The third factor, contributing to the negative opinions about the Long Jack XXXL, is based on the purchases of counterfeits. The composition of such a fake does not provide the expected size increase and does not improve men’s health.


Long Jack XXXL undeniably does help men to awake the alpha male power and enlarge their phallus. In order to achieve this, you will need to take pills regularly for a month, then take a break to avoid harming yourself. Knowing about the myths and the true benefits of our product, you will achieve your dream. Because the original Long Jack XXXL is your best friend when it comes to the penis enhancement.

It is important to understand that our supplement is not a panacea for all sexual dysfunctions. But does, however, support sexual potential and give every man a chance to maximize his sexual capabilities. It also gives a rich palette of sensations to both partners. Having experienced all this, you will realize that Long Jack XXXL is a real deal and the true remedy that men need.

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