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We Will Help You to Achieve the Following Results:

Use once a day, at your convenience

Enlargement up to 4-7 cm in length and 2-3.5 cm in diameter

Powerful erection, heightened arousal

Reproductive system health improvement

Prolonged sex, up to 30 minutes and longer

Approved by porn stars

Indications for Use:

Dissatisfying penis size.

The length and diameter of the penis is less than average.

A flaccid penis in an erect state.

Uncontrolled and early ejaculation. Inability to satisfy a partner.

Low sensitivity in the head of the penis, no libido for the second and subsequent sexual intercourse, weakened attraction to the opposite sex.


Guaranteed penis size increase in 2-3 weeks, with the fixed effect after the course.

An increase in length up to 7 cm and up to 3.5 cm in diameter. You will not be the only one to notice this result.

A firm and hard penis at the crucial moment.

Prolonged and controlled sex, long and vivid orgasm, satisfied partner.

Maximum sensitivity 100% of the time. Triple endurance, readiness for a full-fledged second act in 5 minutes. Increased libido.

Beware of counterfeits!1 month!

Many online pharmacies and websites sell counterfeit Long Jack XXXL, passing it off as the original. These pills do not give the effect that men need, often fakes are sold instead of Long Jack XXXL. Be careful! We are the only official distributor of Long Jack XXXL. The product is shipped directly from the manufacturer’s warehouse. Find out how to distinguish the original from a fake.

The Appearance of the Original and How to Distinguish It From a Fake

It is important to know that, due to the popularity of our capsules, there is a large number of products of inadequate quality that are distributed over the Internet, which do not have the correct properties or any effect at all. Angry customers often come to our office with complaints and together we find out that they ordered Long Jack XXXL on third-party sites, which are easily recognizable by poor-quality design, management incompetence and suspiciously low prices.

The original Long Jack XXXL can’t be cheaper than 29,999 NGN in Nigeria and 6,300 KSh in Kenya, even with the sales and discounts. We cannot run out of packages, because our product is always in demand and does not accumulate in warehouses. The knowing of what an authentic Long Jack XXXL looks like will help you to avoid making a mistake. Do not fall for the scammers’ bait, carefully examine the packaging and everything that is written on it.

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fenugreek extract

Fenugreek Extract

Elongates the manhood by raising the volume of blood that fills and expands it. Raises testosterone levels and boosts libido.

maca extract

Maca Extract

Promotes intense desire and stimulates sexual activity. With regular use your sex drive and passion will grow exponentially.

siberian ginseng

Siberian Ginseng

Helps to deal with stress, improves your immune system and makes you full of vigor, helps to get control of ejaculation, eliminates premature ejaculation.

tongkat ali

Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali extract (also known as Longjack) makes you feel more invigorated, energized and motivates you to be more active in your daily life, and also boosts stamina in your sex life as well as overall endurance.

horny goat

Horny Goat Weed

Has natural testosterone-mimicking properties for a youthful feeling that lasts all day long until late into the night.

Stages of the Original Long Jack XXXL Effect

banana size 1

Week 2
The penis becomes erect faster, it stands stronger and longer. Its sensitivity increases. Growth is up to 2 cm in length and 0.5-1 cm in diameter.

Week 3
The penile growth continues up to 3-4 cm in length. The anatomical shape becomes correct. Sex lasts 70% longer than before.

Week 4
The phallus is enlarged up to 5-7 cm. It quickly assumes a ready-to-go position, with a complete control of ejaculation. Extended orgasms with a much brighter sensations will become your new norm.

Customer Reviews of Long Jack XXXL

ava 12

I bought Long Jack xxxl and started the course, and after the first pill I instantly felt that it's much easier to get turned on now. And two weeks later after that my penis grew and became like a rock. My wife and I have been together for 20 years, our feelings have cooled down a bit, but now it seems that we've only just begun to live.

John, 45

ava 10

I have a naturally small penis. It was pretty embarrassing for me to meet women. But now I'm not afraid of anything. I've been using Long Jack pills for a month. The growth + 4.5 cm. Now I'll get a break and take another course. I'm aiming for at least 6 cm.

Samuel, 24

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I like to have sex with different girls. And I do want everyone to get the best experience. That's why I decided to increase my penis. 5 cm in a month. Me and my girls are delighted. This stuff is especially good when it's time for the second round.

Sani, 28

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I had a problem – my wife wasn't satisfied in sex. She used to openly tell me that my size isn't enough for her. Together we searched for options, and eventually we tried Long Jack XXXL. It helped, 100%. Now I have an additional 4 cm and my sexual life is in harmony.

Paul, 34

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I dated a girl, she dumped me. She said that I'm finishing too fast and my d*ck is small. Well, I started searching for means to increase my capabilities. I've been taking Long Jack XXXL capsules for three weeks. It definitely helps in regards to the penis size, and the sex lasts much longer now.

Umar, 18

Expert Opinion


Long Jack XXXL helps men to thrive in their sex life. These are capsules, which contain components that stretch the protein shell of the cavernous bodies. As a result, they receive a powerful flow of blood and the penile tissue expands.
The growth of the penis, in this case, is greater than with the use of a vacuum pump. And this is not an artificial process, but rather a natural change in the size of the cavernous bodies. Such an increase does not disappear after completing the drug course. The change is permanent.

Grace Bala


Long Jack XXXL – Product Description

Long Jack XXXL has revolutionized the penis-enlargement market, these pills are truly unique. A four-week course gives a result comparable to a ligamentotomy (surgical operation). The desire of men to have a decent manhood creates a demand for such a product. The practice of increasing the organ parameters shows the following statistics: on average, men manage to increase their penis by 3-6 cm in length, 1.5-2.5 cm in diameter. These are average values, some can achieve either greater or lesser results. Please note that we do not guarantee a result of +7cm, but it is definitely possible if you follow the instructions and with a lucky combination of other factors.

Who developed Long Jack XXXL

The supplement was originally developed by scientists in the field of sexology for the purposes of stabilizing family relationships and reducing the number of divorces. Later, the capsule formula was used as Long Jack XXXL by ambitious participants in its development. The main advantage of capsules is the mix of herbal ingredients and bioactive substances of the composition working in synergy – each ingredient enhances and complements the effect of others.

Many men know about Long Jack XXXL, but a lot of myths have been created on the Internet, and, at first glance, the whole situation looks very confusing. As a result, a man with a real need cannot figure out where is the truth and where is the deceit.

For those who have doubts, we recommend that you gather your courage and make a simple but very important decision, that will positively influence your sex life! Improve your sexual potential with Long Jack XXXL capsules and make sure that this remedy is not a sham, but purely a helping hand with the goal of enhancing the manhood.

We implore those who have already made the right choice: please, leave based on your results reviews on our website, this may benefit many others!

Read the supplement description, its principles of action, expert and сustomer reviews. This is useful information for those who have a dream of a big phallus or who want to become an alpha male.


BrandLong Jack XXXL
Active ingredientsFenugreek extract, Maca extract, Siberian ginseng, Tongkat Ali, Horny goat weed
Composition100% natural
CategoryFor men
Packaging and dosage

Capsules in a plastic jar

PurposePenis enlargement
AvailabilityIn stock
Delivery zonesNigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana

Upon receipt

Shelf life2 years or 6 months after opening the package
Storage conditionsAt a temperature not exceeding 25C. Keep out of reach of children
Dispensing at pharmaciesWithout prescription

Advantages Long Jack XXXL

The supplement has been certified and clinically tested in different countries, including Nigeria. Experts reached a conclusion on the benefits of our penis-enlargement remedy in regards to men’s health and quality of sex improvement.
Based on expert medical opinion and experience from real users, the following benefits of Long Jack XXXL are clear:

  1. Natural ingredients;
  2. Optimal selection of components with a synergistic effect;
  3. Verified certificates and
  4. laboratory tests;
  5. Verified statistics with an evidence-based background;
  6. Irreversible result;
  7. Penis growth up to 7 cm in length and 3.5 cm in circumference;
  8. Improved sensitivity during sex;
  9. Powerful and prolonged erection.


Each man will have a different result. It depends on the unique bodily properties of a person.

How Does the Original Long Jack XXXL Works? 

The principle of its action is to stimulate the filling of the penile cavernous bodies with blood. They stretch and become larger, and after this process is repeated, the new state of the tissues becomes the norm, the body remembers it and the penis becomes larger.

The product has undergone large-scale research in Europe, Asia and America. Efficacy and safety were confirmed by parallel MAD/SAD methods. Participants tested the pills at different dosages and positive growth dynamics were recorded in 95% of the testees.

Photograph of the Real Long Jack XXXL From Our Website 

Long Jack XXXL can only be acquired on The differences between the authentic and the fake are described above.

Photographs were provided by our real customers.

What Effect Can Be Expected?

Guaranteed penis enlargement for everyone — plus 3-4 cm in length and 1.5-2 cm in diameter.

Those who have previously stretched the corpora cavernosa, for example with a pump, can expect 5 cm in length and 2.5 cm in diameter.

The increase depends on physiology — the genetic predisposition of tissues to stretching, the content of collagen and elastin in cells matter. Factors such as stress, smoking, sleep patterns affect the growth. On average, every man adds at least 3 cm per course. The maximum dynamics achieved during the practical use is 7 cm.

Efficiency of the progress:

  • Week 2 — in 14 days of daily intake, the average increase in length is 2 cm. Girth starts growing;
  • Week 3 — on the 21st day there is an active development, a strengthening of tissues. The natural functionality and form are preserved. The total improvement reaches 3-4 cm;
  • Week 4 — the peak of division and growth. By the end of the month, the boost is 5-7 cm.

Only the original Long Jack XXXL provides real dynamics of phallus enlargement. It is legally sold through this official website, with flexible payment terms and delivery to any city in the country. Avoid buying fakes on third-party platforms with a dubious reputation.

Do not consume expired pills — the active formula loses its effectiveness and may cause poisoning, nausea and diarrhea.

When the Result Will Be Seen?

If the supplement is used correctly, the first visual changes will be visible on the 10-14th day, at this stage the visual effect is noticeable. Intensive growth starts at the end of the 3rd week. There will be a noticeable increase by the end of the course. Achieved parameters remain for a lifetime.

Who is the Pills Intended For?

The product is designed for men aged 18-60. The main indication for use is dissatisfaction with the size of the penis. Consult with your doctor first if you have any serious anatomical abnormalities, such as micropenis.

Additional indications:

  • Premature climax;
  • Decreased libido;
  • Weak erectile function.

Long Jack XXXL is popular among men, and this fact has spawned a lot of fakes. About 50-70% of the products sold online are unauthorized replicas. Purchase it exclusively on our official website!

Buy Long Jack XXXL From the Official Manufacturer

You can buy Long Jack XXXL for men only on the manufacturer’s official website —, where you can immediately familiarize yourself with reviews from our real customers, instructions and prices, as well as understand whether it is true or not that our innovative solution helps to increase the penis size.

The original, certified Long Jack XXXL is not commercially available in sex shops and pharmacies. The only accredited point of sale is our official website. To place an order just fill out a purchase form, indicating your full name and phone number.

After submitting the data, the specialist will process it and call you back within 15 minutes. You can ask all your questions, choose the quantity of goods and the method of payment and delivery.

The manufacturer guarantees the complete anonymity of the buyer, the transmitted information is encrypted and stored on our secure server, after the delivery of the product, this data is deleted. No one will ever know about your order!

It is very important where you buy your Long Jack XXXL. We recommend that you do not try to order Long Jack XXXL on third-party sites and marketplaces, they often sell counterfeits with zero pharmacological activity, it will not give you the desired effect. To feel the effectiveness of Long Jack XXXL, you must buy the original.

How Much Does Long Jack XXXL Cost on the Manufacturer’s Official Website?

The manufacturer does not implement hidden extra charges and commissions for the product on the official website, and adheres to a transparent pricing policy. The price for a package is indicated in the currency of the countries where our cream is sold.

СountryStandard priceNew price -50% Sale
Nigeria60000 NGN29999 NGN + Free Delivery
Kenya12600 KSH6300 KSH + Free Delivery
Uganda338,000 USH169,000 USH + Free Delivery
Ghana938 GHS469 GHS + Free Delivery

Delivery and Payment

We use courier services to deliver Long Jack XXXL across Nigeria and Kenya within 1-5 workdays after the purchase. Pay for the product only upon receiving it, there is no prepayment.

You make an order on our website

We call you back to discuss all the details

We deliver your order

You pay on delivery

Contraindications and Side Effects Long Jack XXXL

Many people are interested whether or not the use of Long Jack XXXL can be potentially harmful to men. The remedy is contraindicated in men who have an allergic response to its constituents. If the supplement causes redness or itching, take an antihistamine and stop the course.

Do not use any local remedies if you are under 18 — let your body complete the physiological formation of the genitals on its own.

Long Jack XXXL scam or not?

Both user and expert positive opinions about our capsules are based on test results. They were conducted on 1,500 volunteers. The participants in the experiment had various sexual disorders, and they all got rid of them in the process. This allowed us to talk about the multifunctional action of Long Jack XXXL. The supplement has a mixed composition, which includes synthetic compounds and plant components that provide blood flow to the genitals.

A lot of men hope that pills will transform them into sex giants in a month. The tests showed that this remedy is not a magic elixir. Those who by nature have a weak sexual constitution and a small penis size should not expect their penis to grow by 10 cm and that their sex will last for hours.

Long Jack XXXL really works and helps everyone, but in proportion to nature. There is a limit to the expansion of the reproductive organ. With small sizes, it is limited. You can expect 3-7 cm, erection stability and increased endurance.

It is a lie to claim that a one-time use before sex increases the penis. To change penile parameters, the solution must be taken during the entire course, 1 capsule per day, the process of growth is gradual.

girl reaction long jack xxxl

Quality and Conformity Certificates Long Jack XXXL

Our company has certified Long Jack XXXL and it meets the quality requirements. Our the composition is patented and has no analogues in terms of efficiency, price and comfort of use. The systematic use of the supplement leads to a significant increase in the size of the penis without complex operations and exhausting devices. The effectiveness has been proven by multiple audits, studies, obtained licenses and certificates. We conduct business openly and provide documents upon request, to each customer.

certificate long jack xxxl

Why You Should Start With Long Jack XXXL

The formula stimulates the growth of the mass of spongy and cavernous tissues, creates favorable conditions for the expansion of the protein shell. Regular use is guaranteed to increase the length and girth of the phallus. With the original product you will see the real progress.
Competing products with similar pharmacological effects contain just one active ingredient. Everything else is emulsifiers, prolongators, conductors. Long Jack XXXL features a complex synergistic composition. Each substance exhibits a specific biological activity. Its action is based on high concentrations of plant extracts. Its efficacy has been confirmed by clinical trials.

long jack xxxl result


Popular Customer Questions

I want to increase the thickness and length of my penis. Where to start?

Penis enlargement starts with self-discipline. We recommend that you study the Long Jack XXXL instructions and strictly follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Remember that declared results will be shown only with the original product. Order Long Jack XXXL on the accredited platform –, our official website.

What kind of results can I expect?

Judging by the accumulated statistics, with a high degree of probability your best result will be 7 cm, with a lesser probability – 8 cm. The guaranteed increase is up to 3,5 centimeters and more. Outcomes may vary, everything depends on many factors specific to a particular person.

What will happen to the penis after the course completion? Won’t it deflate?

The potential for stretching of the phallus tissues is inherent in nature, pills act as a catalyst for the process, so they are as effective as possible. After full stretching, the tissues remain in a new state that is maintained by the cavernous bodies, which are completely filled with blood during an erection. The decrease is possible, in theory, if there is no erection for more than 6 months.

My penis gained 4 cm after the first course. Is it possible to make it even larger after the second one?

In one course, if you follow the instructions, Long Jack xxxl uses approximately 75% of the body’s reserves. An increase in the second course is possible, but it will not be as effective as the first.

Frequently Asked Questions to Call Center Specialists

Do you sell real Long Jack XXXL?

Yes, is the only official distributor of Long Jack XXXL capsules in Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda and Ghana. We have all the necessary certificates and licenses for our product.

Won’t the erection get weaker because of the enlargement by pills?

Enlargement of the shaft of the penis by Long Jack XXXL boosts libido due to the development of the endothelium of the vascular tissue of the cavernous bodies.

Is the product safe to use?

The unique formula of the supplement has undergone official medical research and has been used by men in many countries for a long time. At the moment, there are no registered cases of harm to the body in our practice. Long Jack XXXL is safe for men’s health in daily use, does not carry risks and does not cause an addiction. The only limitation is an allergic reaction to the ingredients of the composition.

At what age does Long Jack XXXL work?

The use of Long Jack xxxl is allowed from the age of 18. There is no upper age limit. You can safely engage in the transformation of penis size at any age.

Questions From Forums and Social Media

Is it possible to increase the girth without changing the length?

The action of the remedy is aimed at the development of the tissues of the penis. Cells grow in both directions and, unfortunately, we cannot influence this process. Men get a completely renewed phallus. You can’t increase volume without length.

Has anyone ever enlarged their penis with Long Jack XXXL?

Our sales volume exceeds 1000 units per week. Men give feedback, post reviews on our site, recommend our capsules to their friends and acquaintances. According to the marketing research conducted in 2022, 96% of buyers have experienced first-hand the effective increase in length and girth of their manhood.

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60000 NGN

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This product is only sold online and is impossible to purchase in sex shops and pharmacies