Instructions for Use Long Jack XXXL

Use the supplement for men strictly in accordance with the instruction for use Long Jack XXXL, the result and safety of the process directly depend on this! Compliance with the requirements will help to use the product correctly for the growth of the male penis, enhanced erection and increased libido. If you buy the original Long Jack XXXL, you will feel the result in 2 weeks. Capsules are intended for the oral administration, the recommended duration of the course is 4 weeks. The composition contains biologically active, natural ingredients based on extracts from plant aphrodisiacs.

There is an opinion that taking penis-enlargement pills is for the people who likes sexual extremities. Perhaps that is the case when a counterfeit with a high risk of negative reactions falls into your hands. Real Long Jack XXXL eliminates the development of any problems and guarantees a real gain, at least 3 cm per course.

Long Jack XXXL capsules have stirred up the Internet, and for a good reason, it is based on a powerful formula that has managed to shake the positions of radical surgeries, extenders and pumps. The secret is in the active ingredients that complement each other’s action, providing a synergistic effect. The complex composition tones up biochemical reactions and stimulates the natural enlargement of the penis.

Indications for Use Long Jack XXXL

The formula is intended for men who are unhappy with the penile size. It is used regardless of age, health status and serves as an alternative to ligamentotomy – a surgical enlargement of the phallus.

Feel the effect in just 1 month!

  • up to 7 cm in length
  • just 1 application per day


  • Insufficient length/diameter of the penis;
  • Inability to have sex more than once;
  • Early ejaculation;
  • Weak erectile function;
  • The capsules are used as an additional stimulant. It improves the sex during periods of stress or long physical and mental activities.

How Does It Affect the Male Organ?

Long Jack XXXL has passed placebo-controlled trials in USA, Asia and Eastern Europe. Parallel MAD/SAD methods have proven its efficacy and that it is safe. The participants were using the supplement at different dosages and positive growth dynamics were recorded in 95% of the testees.

*To achieve maximum results before the course, you should read the Instruction for use Long jack XXXL.

When the Result Becomes Noticeable?

If the supplement is used correctly, the initial dynamics will be distinguishable on the 10-14th day, at this stage there is a slight visual improvement. Intensive growth starts at the end of the 3rd week. A tangible increase is noticeable by the end of the course. The achieved results remain for life. Note that the performance depends on the physiological parameters of each man. To see the whole picture, we recommend you to read the real customer reviews of Long Jack XXXL.

How Many Centimeters Can You Expect?

The increase depends on physiology — the genetic predisposition of tissues to stretching, the content of collagen and elastin in cells matter. Factors such as stress, smoking, sleep patterns affect the growth. On average, every man adds at least 3.5 cm per course. The maximum dynamics achieved during the practical use is 7 cm.

Efficiency of the progress:

  • Week 2 — in 14 days of daily intake, the average increase in length is 1.5 cm. Girth starts growing;
  • Week 3 — on the 21st day there is an active development, a strengthening of tissues. The natural functionality and form are preserved. The total improvement reaches 3 cm;
  • Week 4 — the peak of division and growth. By the end of the month, the boost is 4-7 cm. Thanks to the men who provided photos before and after enlargement.

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Long Jack XXXL Instead of the Alternative

Competing products with similar pharmacological effects contain just one active ingredient. Everything else is emulsifiers, prolongators, conductors. Long Jack XXXL features a complex synergistic composition. Each substance exhibits a specific biological activity. Its action is based on high concentrations of plant extracts.

5 facts in favor of Long Jack XXXL:

  • Balanced synergistic composition;
  • A full range of laboratory and clinical studies;
  • Safety for consumer’s health, confirmed by quality certificates;
  • Proven upgrade of penis size and quality of sex life;
  • Irreversible result.

Be confident in your size!

Long Jack XXXL – tangible result in just 4 weeks

Contraindications and Side Effects

Long Jack XXXL should not be used in separate cases of intolerance to its constituent substances, which will manifest itself in the form of redness, itching or a skin rash. Take an antihistamine in that situation.

*Use strictly according to instruction for use Long Jack XXXL.

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